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Glamping & Camping

Experience the beauty of Hokkaido's Lake Toya at our diverse glamping and camping site. Stay in our luxurious glamping tents, pitch your own tent in a secluded spot, or park your camping car – all with exclusive access to our private campground and its modern amenities.




Glamping package  includes:

  • Luxury Tent

  • Private Deck

  • BBQ set up

  • Private lake access

  • Car parking space 

  • Dishwashing facility

  • Showers & Toilets

¥ 13,200 per night per person

¥ 9,900    per night per child (under 12)

¥ 5,500    per night per child (under 6)

Free of charge for children under 3


  • チェックイン12:00 〜19:00

  • チェックアウト 12:00 まで

  • 料金は税込です

  • ​ワンチャンOK!


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